Anderson Family Reunion

Relatives from different states gathered to attend the Anderson Family Reunion picnic, Friday, June 22, 2018 under the pavilion at Charlie Vettiner Park in Louisville, Ky.

This was a commercial assignment from AP Images for a medical client whose in-house publication was doing a study on IBS, so after the reunion, I returned to their motel for photos of blood samples being taken from family members.

The problem was that everyone pictured had to sign a consent form, but my subject had a stack printed on the way, and upon arrival made an announcement. Soon thereafter, family members began returning their forms, so no problem!

The 144th running of the Kentucky Derby race.

Horses break around the first turn during the running of the 144th Kentucky Derby. May 5, 2018

That’s my Derby Day assignment for the Courier Journal.

I shot the Derby race from outside the rail as they came out of the first turn, made it down the back stretch without incident and then as they passed by after the finish of the race.

Those were the wettest 15 minutes of kneeling on a garbage bag in the pouring rain that I’ve ever had to endure to make a picture.

I’m humbled by my colleagues who had to work in those conditions all day.