A green mohawk and pinball photoshoot

It all began with a text from Antz ...

Last week, Antz Wettig texted me to ask if I was available Friday night for a photoshoot. If he thought something was worthy enough to ask, I was definitely interested. Besides, a possible shoot suspends anything else I may have planned, so I immediately said yes and to get me there early.

"A person from the Pinball collecting community is visiting Zanzabar tomorrow. She reached out to me and asked if I knew any photographers who might be interested in doing a shoot around my pinball machine collection. Any interest?"

Antz Wettig, Zanzabar
Antoinette Johnson

Antz also attached a photo from her Instagram account, which helped sealed the deal. Her bio said:

Antoinette Johnson • NYC Artist & Hairstylist • Tri-hawk ™ • pinball nutcase • www.antoinettejohnson.com

Friday rolls around, and I get to thinking … This is in a bar on a Friday evening about dinner time and Mary Jean has planned on cooking dinner tonight. So I resolved to make it a quickie!

But after carrying in all my gear on a rainy night, I set up and we started shooting. She was an experienced subject with big green hair and we had the perfect arcade with bright pinball machines, so we worked it.

Here's a few more images from our session:

An hour or so later, I realized it was no longer a quickie. We moved through another costume change and dinner started weighing heavy on my mind. We called it a night. I told her the photos would post soon, and to enjoy her Christmas present!

Antoinette posted an Instagram photo of me that Antz shot with her phone of me shooting the session: