Art of the Window Cling

Ville Chicken & Seafood

A window cling shoot for a local restaurant.

My client wanted his food displayed on his windows

After a food shoot at his restaurant, Xin Dong asked me to return and shoot his food items for window clings, something he’d seen done elsewhere. Here’s the proposal I sent him:

Based on your request,

My understanding is that you need 9-12 food items photographed to produce 24” x 36” window-cling prints for placement in the windows of the Ville Chicken & Seafood restaurant. I see large photos of food items photographed very close-up with nothing else shown, no plate or place setting or table in the photo. Just big food and nothing else.

If this is not what you see when you think of what these photos look like, then please let me know now!

We’ll decide on a place to shoot all of the food in one place, to focus on the food alone with no specific background or styling. We will only swap out different plates to the same place to make them all the same, as I did for the UberEATS photoshoot. A plate or the first food item will serve as a test shot to finalize lighting and the look for all plates shot after that – no changes to location or styling other than using different plates of similar size. This way, we’ll get it set, and the rest will be shooting the next plate until we’re finished.

My clock starts a half hour after I walk in the door for setup and ends with the last photo taken.

When I arrived for the shoot, he wasn’t there, so I worked with what he had, red checkered paper and a tray to put it on.

Here’s the final images: