The Christmas Table 2017

From above

A selfie shot from atop the walkover along the riverfront in downtown New Albany while shooting the harvest homecoming.




Basecamp 2016

I shot a few videos on my phone while we played Rik’s course, and a good time was had by all!

Basecamp-DGC-2016 from Brian Bohannon on Vimeo.

Tee box drives at Basecamp Disc Golf Course’s 2016 annual get together at Rik’s object course in Mt. Eden, Ky.

A Birthday Reunion

There we are, singing happy birthday behind the cake. That’s Rick Yager, myself, Mike Jacobs, Tina and Steve Becker but we’re missing Craig Allen, and what about Jay (Ed) Jungbert? We grew up together and this year we all turn 50, so we had a reunion.

Much thanks to Rick and Victoria for hosting, and to everyone who made it out to Waddy for the party. The many who couldn’t attend were sorely missed. Photo by my love, Mary Jean Kirtley!

Family Circle: A gathering on the porch

A gathering of family and friends on my parent’s deck with Faye and Joe Kirtley, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2011 in Louisville, Ky.

Find it here on YouTube: Family Circle: A gathering on the deck

Dan Yager

Saw Dan Yager, legendary scoutmaster, while he and Marlene visited their son Rick’s place in Waddy. Dan was down at the lake fishing with his grandsons Luke and Caleb, with Rick and Steve Becker and his son John hanging out.

Luke, left, takes a break from fishing as Dan Yager and his son Rick share a memory. Steve Becker sits in his truck as his son John fishes from the bank.

Mother’s Day

Mom and dad at home on Mother's Day
Mom and dad at home on Mother's Day