Dubsado is the way.

Last May, I discovered some software aimed at freelance creatives that helps make project-based work easier. It’s called Dubsado, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – a flexible system that’s all about managing leads and immediately responding so you can keep the ball rolling. It’s where all my projects are now organized.

Freelancers were the original “gig” workers. When I began as a photojournalist back in the 1990s, things were simple. A portfolio and word of mouth got you work, then you’d send your invoice and wait for the next assignment. I never worried about getting jobs because they usually came by recommendations from editors or by folks seeing my byline in the newspaper.

Then the internet happened. Things changed for the media industry – in desktop publishing, and photography in particular. Everyone’s a photographer now, and competition from other professionals has never been more fierce.

As a result, diversifying and marketing my own work has become part of my regular routine, in addition to keeping my website updated and running smoothly. All these additional duties are real time suckers for us freelancers.

And even marketing myself and having a website isn’t enough, because I still need contracts for folks to sign, proposals to tell people what I can do, and standardized emails that I can reuse as needed. Dubsado provides all of these things and more.

Setting up the system in Dubsado has been like intense therapy for me. I’d never really thought out all the aspects of what I do as a photographer until I had to put it all into Dubsado. Now my workflows are coming into focus. I’m more organized than ever, and taking on new clients as a result.

Dubsado becomes increasingly valuable to me as I find new ways to make my time more efficient when working with new leads and turning them into clients. It’s become the foundation on which I’m expanding my business and I can’t recommend it enough.

If you’d like to give Dubsado a try, please use my affiliate link to sign up for a trial account – click on the image above!