University of Louisville star Brendan McKay pitches Friday, April 7, 2017 as U of L (25-3, 10-2 ACC) hosts No. 22 Wake Forest (22-8, 8-4) for the first of a three-game series at Jim Patterson Stadium. (Photo by Brian Bohannon)

Today the LEO Weekly published a story by Creig Ewing on UofL’s star pitcher/hitter Brendan McKay, UofL’s Major League Baseball double threat Brendan McKay that I shot at a cold Friday night game in April. It was the first time I’d shot baseball in ages! I had to walk back to the car for my jacket after the second inning or freeze.

It certainly helps to not have to worry about game action and only focus on one player. Thankfully he played all but the last inning, so there were plenty of opportunities to catch him at work.

When he returned to the dugout, I kept watching for his face from where I was allowed to shoot from along the first base line. He leaned over the rail to watch the last inning and I made about four different versions of him there. the Leo used the one where he’s looking at the camera, but I liked him looking out, as a guy standing to the right of McKay kept moving, changing the background.

At the end I was supposed to meet with the media rep and go out on the field with the players. He wasn’t around, so I went on out looking for a last photo of McKay. The coach was talking to his players and I was walking around when I heard a whistle and a “hey.” A different coach caught me and chastised me for being on the field as we returned to the dugout. Without explaining, I said I was sorry, and left.