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Food as Art

My early days of freelancing concerned news and features and capturing candid moments for the daily newspaper and weekly zoned sections. Changes there led me to discover food as a subject and covering the huge food scene that Louisville has since become.

Shooting dishes at restaurants under review by Louisville’s Eccentric Observer’s food writer became an artsy weekly gig that forced me to reconsider food as a newsworthy subject. Food captured as still life, documentary-style.

John Carlos White asked for more while shooting on assignment for his new Louisville Food and Dining magazine in 2003. “Show me the food! Get closer!” he said, and I gained a new appreciation of the detailed view. What food is made of, the ingredients, up close. Food captured macro-style.

When Dan Weldy came along with Prep Magazine in 2004, I was ready. He was into covering the local independent food scene, and wouldn’t feature a place until it had been around a year due to the turnover in restaurants. Now I was shooting interior and exteriors along with food items and the chef for a full profile of Louisville’s restaurateurs.

Prep Magazine covered the independent restaurant scene in Kentucky, until it expanded to also cover Indiana, Ohio and Northern Tennessee. It was sold to the Lane Report in 2007.

Today I shoot food features for the Courier-Journal and restaurants for the food delivery services Uber Eats and Grubhub.