Scarlett's Bakery

A portrait and food shoot for the Courier Journal's Cook's Corner column.

Bakery helps exploited women through baking

I made a portrait of Rachelle Starr, owner of Scarlet’s Bakery in Smoketown for a Courier Journal Cook’s Corner column. They featured recipes for the bakery’s Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice muffin, Oatmeal chocolate caramel bars and Grilled chicken pesto panini.

Neighbors were there having coffee together, so I began by shooting interiors and exteriors to capture them in the space.

Rachelle needed to leave, so I set up a softbox to shoot her portrait. The interior was already bright, but I wanted to be sure to balance that with a great exposure for her against the high-key background. The bakery’s sign below the counter branded the photo, but you have to be careful with text in your photo. I also shot it with the words obscured, and that’s the one the editors chose for the lead photo.

With the owner photo taken care of, I turned to the food items. They were ready to go, so I began by shooting standard food angles to cover those bases. Then I decided to go graphic.

I altered their presentation by using the plastic silverware to break the muffin in half and take a corner of the chocolate bar to show their insides. Then I took the Panini sandwich and turned it on it’s side for an angular composition. Those were the photos they used in the paper.

I finished shooting details as the two employees cleaned up, which made another nice photo. When I packed up, I left with the food as they closed.

Story by Nancy Miller, Special to Courier Journal

See the story on the Courier Journal website: Louisville bakery helps rescue exploited women through baked goods, by Nancy Miller, Special to Courier Journal, Published 12:44 p.m. ET May 8, 2018 | Updated 11:32 a.m. ET May 9, 2018