The 2019 Fairdale Prom

Fairdale High School holds it’s prom at the Muhammad Ali Center on Saturday, May 18.

Fairdale High School Got Down!

44 Photos |11:13 a.m. EDT May 19, 2019

Assigned to shoot kids arriving, parents taking pictures, dancing inside, DJ, fun and maybe the King and Queen, I was there to stay as long as I could.

At some point I had to leave to edit photos and send them, but I really wanted to get that crowning for my coverage to be complete. Of course, I asked around to find out when it would happen, but they weren’t sure. I kept shooting the scene.

I was about to make an Irish exit when a teacher found me. They were ready to do it and had waited for me! I followed her through the crowd to the stage. I said let the crowning begin.

I had no idea how they planned on doing the ceremony, so I went with the flow. What I didn’t realize until almost too late is that they did the juniors first, before the seniors … When the seniors were crowned, I was in the wrong place and then everyone dispersed! I had the king, so I got him to help me find the queen so I could do a portrait of them. We found the queen, but she and the king weren’t a couple, so the photo was a bit awkward, but it worked. I got out of there.

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Louisville’s Fairdale High School has a night to remember at the 2019 prom